Doak is a special word that can replace any words. (Doak is a special doak that can doak any doaks). Well, most doaks can be doaked by doak. There are some doaks that cannot be doaked. Mainly adverbs. There is no doakly. There are, however, Doakley sunglasses.

Doak is best used as a replacement of a word it is phonetically similar to.

Doak originated in 2010 at Cal State Fullerton. In an article by literary genius and prophet Ally Bordas called "Identifying Humanties Hipsters" in the Daily Titan, the schools newspaper. In the article, Bordas does a completely thorough analysis of hipsters based solely on their looks. The author also claimed that "...hipsters usually have really rand-o names (‘rand-o’ is a hipster term, it is shortening the word ‘random’). All the hipsters I know are called: Doak, Oak, Crosby-Hale, Maya, Yasi, Audrey, LeNoir, Michael Ford Dreads, Simone, Dora…what is up with that? They were coined hipsters at birth by their hippie parents; anyone with names like those have to be Ray-Ban wearing, flannel rocking, mohawked isolated hipsters."

Many are skeptical of Bordas's claims, considering there is no record of a Doak ever being enrolled at the school.

Doakscribe your topicEdit

Everything's coming up doak

Latest doaktivityEdit

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