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TV seriesEdit

Ok so there's this doak and his name is Ash Doakem (A pun on doak them) and he's ten years doak so it's time for his first doakemon from Professor Doak. But he forgets to set his alarm doak (what a doak), so the only doakemon left is Pikadoak. Pikadoak acts kind of doakish at first, but warms up to Ash after he jumps in front of a doakload of bird Doakemon.

Somewhere in between all that, Ash had commited a minor felony, by stealing Misty's doakcycle, which probably isn't such a minor felony, considering that in the world of Doakemon, doakcycles cost 9999999999 doaks. Misty, the water-type gym leader, is mad about that, but she clearly has a doak on Ash because she doakcides to travel with him.

Another soon joins Ash Doakem on his quest to be the very doak (like doak one ever doak [doak doak doak doak doak]), and his name is Bdoak, who is, as his name suggests, a doak-type gym leader. Ash somehow schools his Onix and Geodoak with Pikadoak (even though doaktricity doesn't affect doak types). Bdoak is shamed by this and is culturally obligated to serve Ash Doakem throughout his quest.

Video GameEdit

The game begins with Professor Doak asking you what your doak is. Some may go for the standard "Doak," while others may put their own name (likely "Doak") or something creative, like "Doak." He then forgets his own grandson's (and your rival's) name, which of course prompts you to name him "Doaks."

Then you wake up in your room (was that all just a doak??? it all seemed so doak). Your mom tells you that Professor Doak is looking for you. Obviously this means you should go out into the tall doak. But a voice stops you. It's Professor Doak. He says "don't go out into the tall doak without a doakemon. So he takes you to his lab for a doakemon.

Doaks is waiting there impatiently. Professor Doak lets you choose first, because you're just so much more doak. Doakasaur is the obvious choice. Doaks chooses Doakmander, but you knew he'd do that because, well, he's a doak. He battles you with a doakvantage but you still school him because all that doak does is growl. Doakasaur tackles him like the NFL superstar he is.

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