800px-Super Soaker CPS4100

Super Doaker

Super Doaker is a brand of recreational water gun produced by Doakbro under the Doak brand.

Like most water guns, the super doaker is filled with water. Unlike most water guns, you have to doak the pump several times. In an interview with ten year old Doak Doakson, the boy described this as "kind of doak, but still doak."

Doak continued to doakscribe how he and his doaks play with the Super Doaker. "Most of the time we pretend we're at doak and also we're it's aliens versus spacedoaks. The water is codoaksive acid and it makes you doak of a terrible, terrible death."

Doak knows how ten year doak Doak Doakson doaks a doak like "codoaksive" or how he and his doaks could imagine such doak, but several doaks around the world have similar doaks.

"We pretend like we're cowdoaks and indidoaks," says Doak Doakiro. Only they don't make doak and arrow super doakers, so it's mainly just cowdoaks. If you get doaked then your body turns inside-doak and now you're a doakbie."

Obviously, the medidoak is not the problem causing violence, but super doakers are.

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